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Period of study

Time limit to obtain a degree: 4 years (5 within an approved slow-track)

Minimum number of credits that have to be achieved within one year: 15 ECTS

Number of consecutive terms without being enrolled in a subject: 2 consecutive terms / 1 year


What are the Degree and the European Diploma Supplement (EDS)

The university issues an official degree in accordance with current regulations, basing on the total accomplishment of an official study programme, with academic and professional validity throughout the country.

The goal of the European Diploma Supplement (EDS) is the provision of sufficient information, in order to improve the transparency of degrees of higher education imparted within European countries and to simplify the academic and professional recognition of Spanish degrees, with the overall goal of simplifying the academic and professional mobility of graduates between universities and labour markets.


The provisional degree certificate attests to the successful completion of the degree and gives the holder all the rights established by current legislation. The certificate is delivered to students in person when they apply for the degree certificate and pay the corresponding fee.


Applying for Degree and EDS

  • Requirements: In order to obtain the right to issue a degree, all credits within the study programme of the Master`s programme have to be completed.
  • Documents to submit: Copy of the valid ID
  • The application has to be undertaken by the candidate in person at the academic secretary’s office (see opening hours). In case that this procedure cannot be undertaken in person, consult the secretary’s office about special procedures.
  • Personal data has to be stated in accordance with the valid ID card. Orthographical signs (like accents) that do not appear in the identifying document, are added on the Degree and the Diploma Supplement, if desired. These documents (Degree and EDS) are issued, stating the personal data according to these criteria and cannot be modified, so it is important to revise them.
  • The price of this procedure is regulated annually by the Generalitat de Catalunya, by means of the Decree of public prices of academic services of Catalan public universities. For the year 2014-2015 it was fixed on 218.15€ (more information about the decree of the current price (only available in Spanish/Catalan) .
  • The payment can be made via credit-card at the secretary`s office or in a bank office
  • The receipt of the provisional degree certificate, accredits the status of graduate and confers all the rights established in the current legislation to the graduate.
  • Students that fulfil all the requirements can undertake this procedure from the second work day on, after the presentation of the master thesis (for example, presentation on Monday, the following Wednesday if Tuesday and Wednesday are work days). Exception: In case that the TFM was graded with an excellent and proposed for honour `s registration, the ORM decides which TFMs are definitely qualified for this mention, after all master theses have been defended. Students who are in this situation can apply for their degree afterwards.

More information (Spanish/Catalan):

Delivery of Degree and DS

The Secretaria Acadèmica de l'Àmbit de Camins (information only available in Spanish) will inform the graduate, when the degree was issued and is available. This information will be passed by e-mail (to the institutional address … and to the address stated in the application.


Procedures, Requests and Consultation

Academic certificate

The personal academic certificate is a document that recognises officially the student`s academic record. This document has to be applied for at the secretary`s office, during the opening hours of the public service. The price of the issuance of this document is regulated by the Decree of public prices of academic services of Catalan public universities, and is fixed annually.

Consultations concerning enrolment or copies of the enrolment certificate

Link with direct access to the e-secretaria.

Consultations concerning the academic record or copies of the academic record

Link with direct access to the e-secretaria. If you need to send a copy of the academic record to some institution, you can print it and it can be stamped afterwards at the secretary`s office. (Consult opening hours)


Academic documents concerning scholarships

The formalities, concerning biannual or annual academic documents connected to scholarships or student support (for example, CONACyT, SENESCyT, etc.), can be requested in person at the Academic Secretary's Office or by e-mail to


The "Instància" is a document that permits the submission of extraordinary complaints or requests to the officials of the Master.

The printed document has to be submitted at the register of the university. 


External Internships / Job portal

See the conditions of external internships and the job portal at the web Universitat-Empresa (information only available in Spanish) of ETSECCP.


Students` representatives

  • Section 2: The Council of the University Institute of Research. Article12: Staffing. Item 2: Elected members.Paragraph (d): As a minimum, one representative, elected by students of the University Masters within the area of responsibility of the institute.
  • Section 3: The Board of the University Institute of Research. Article 20: Staffing. Item 2: Elected members. Paragraph (2): A students` representative for each of the University Masters within the area of responsibility of the institute, elected by the members of the Council of this sector.

In this context, for each academic year a students` representative, corresponding to the 1st and the 2nd year of the Master of Sustainability Science and Technology, is chosen by a public voting. By default, the elected member of the Board of the Institute is the representative elected for the second year.

The students` representatives of the current course can be found here.



See the regulations of UPC Masters at the webpage of the Academic Service.


Contact information Secretaria Acadèmica de la Unitat de Gestió de l'Àmbit de Camins (information only available in Spanish)