Structure, curricula and course coordinators


Autumn (September - January)
Spring (February - July)
Autumn (September - January)
Spring (February - July)

6 subjects



3 subjects

3 subjects


6 subjects (OPTIONAL) Master's Thesis
30 ECTS credits (*) 30 ECTS credits 30 ECTS credits 30 ECTS credits

(*) 1 ECTS credit equals a workload of 25 hours. IMPORTANT: Considering the current academic calendar (13 weeks, 3 hours per week per subject), a subject of 5 ECTS credits implies an approximate workload of 39 hours of face-to-face sessions and 86 hours of independent study.

Curriculum and course coordinators

CODE Subject Coordinator CREDITS
Compulsory subjects S1 480011 Fundamentals of Economics, Environmental Economics and Ecological Economics J.M. Gil 5
480012 Fundamentals of Engineering, Sustainability and Development B. Sureda 5
480021 Fundamentals of Mathematical and Systemic Sustainability Modelling (*) M. Rosas 5
480022 Fundamentals of Applied Statistics and Sustainability and Development Measurement K. Gibert 5
480041 Fundamentals of Social Sciences and Approaches to Socio-Environmental Conflicts  M. Villares 5
480051 Fundamentals of Geosciences and Geographic Information Systems  X. Sánchez-Vila 5
Compulsory subjects S2 480031 Fundamentals of Ethics, Business and Innovation A. Garola 5
480032 Fundamentals of Sustainable Management and Environmental Management Systems M. Gonçalves 5
480074 Transdisciplinar and Social Research E. Roca 5
Optional subjects S2 480081 Urban Metabolism and Ecological Urbanism (*) J. Mercadé 5
480093 Socio-Environmental Data Science (*) K. Gibert 5
480111 Integral Management of Urban and Ecological Water Cycles  J. de Pablo 5
480072 Climate Change Mitigation Policies O. Alcaraz 5
480071 Biodiversity and Socio-Ecological Systems (*) J. Morató 5


Sustainable Management of Energy Resources and the Need for a New Energy Model J. López 5
480152 Sustainable Design of Products and Services (*) J. Segalàs 5
Optional subjects S3 480075 Intelligent Sustainability Decision Support Systems (*) M. Sanchez-Marre 5
480083 Regional and Transport Infrastructure Metabolism  F. Magrinyà 5
480091 Information and Communication Technologies E. Vidal 5
480092 Industrial Ecology G. Cervantes 5
480152 Sustainable Design of Products and Services (*)
J. Segalàs 5
480171 Complex and Socio-Environmental Networks (*) M. Rosas 5
480521 International Cooperation and Development A. Garola 5
480511 Urban and Regional Development (*) F. Magrinyà 5
480602 Construction and Building Construction Engineering and Technologies
M. Etxeberria 5
480073 Energy Economics and Sustainable Energy Systems (*)
H. Martín 5
TFM Master Thesis O. Alcaraz 30

(*) Subject taught in English

OPTIONAL SUBJECTS: three optional subjects to be chosen in S2 and six in S3.


Sustainability Modelling and Data Science subject area
Sustainable Technology and Engineering subject area
Sustainable Urbanism and Regional Development subject area