Be ready for this Master

This page provides a set of recommendations, tools and references, in order to allow students to prepare as good as possible and to achieve some previous knowledge relevant for the Master. The page contains (a) a presentation of some important academic aspects of the master (in spanish), (b) a list of references for each subject, and (c) a short test that permits to evaluate if your current mathematical skills are good enough to face our master programme with a high probability of success.

MCTS academic information presentation 

  • You can watch this video (in spanish) here.

References for each subject

  • (480021) Fundamentals of Mathematical and Systemic Sustainability ModellingKnowledge of differential equations and mathematical functions is recommended for this course. It is possible to test your knowledge on the following links:

Assessment test of previous knowledge of mathematics

On the link below, you can do a placement test, in order to assess your maths skills. Try to answer the 24 questions and check your successes. A prepared student should be able to answer most of them correctly.