When, where and how to enrol or modify the enrolment form

New students

See this link for information on your first enrolment in a master's degree. Students must only enrol for courses taught during the autumn semester (S1). In the next enrolment period, students must enrol for courses in the spring semester (S2).

The curriculum shows all the courses taught in each semester (S1 = autumn semester; S2 = spring semester). Students can also consult the course guide by clicking on the name of the course.

Former students

See this link for information on how to enrol. Former students must enrol for optional courses (autumn semester). Note that the master's degree thesis has two enrolment periods (depending on the semester in which it will be defended) and that students must ask their supervisors to assign them the topic three weeks beforehand.

Students from previous years do not have to submit new documents (just those that have to be renewed every year, such as the large family card).

Academic regulations

Click on this link to consult the Academic Regulations for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at the UPC (in Catalan).