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The master’s degree in Sustainability Science and Technology is an academic program commited with the Sustainable Development Goals (UN) which aims to provide students with advanced interdisciplinary training to facilitate understanding of interactions between society, the economy and the environment. Graduates will also have a sound understanding of scientific and technical options and trends for tackling key challenges for the sustainable development of current socio-environmental systems.


The Six Essential Elements (based on Figure 1 in UN report "The Road to dignity by 2030")

This degree will train students to become entrepreneurs and agents of change in the field of sustainable development. Based on their specialisation in areas related to biodiversity, the environment, the built environment, services, the production system and information management, graduates will be able to design, implement and evaluate sustainable solutions in different fields of engineering and technology. Graduates will acquire capacities to work in multicultural and professional contexts, applying a transdisciplinary approach based with scientific and technical rigour.


APPLICATION PERIOD (Course 2018 - 2019)

Ordinary: January 22nd to July 6th of 2018 (8 periods with deadlines 16/02, 16/03, 06/04, 20/04, 11/05, 28/05, 18/06 and 06/07) 

Extraordinary: 3rd to 7th of September of 2018


Introductory session to the The master’s degree in Sustainability Science and Technology (MCTS)

Date: Tuesday,  september 26th, 2017 / Place: Aula C1-002(obriu en una finestra nova) / Time: 11.00 - 13.00

Responsable: Martí Rosas Casals(obriu en una finestra nova), director of MCTS (

(You can find the presentation here if you can not attend)